In New Zealand’s rugged and mountainous South Island, Tui Mitcham, a 12-year-old pregnant girl, has been missing in a vast area near a lake with glacial waters. She is already five months pregnant, moreover, she keeps the father’s name to herself. For this reason, Sydney’s brave, yet inexperienced Detective Robin Griffin who specialises in crimes against minors comes to her rescue, returning reluctantly back to her hometown and her well-hidden past. Inevitably, this alarming and mysterious case of disappearance will bring the determined detective up against long-lost acquaintances, and eventually, innocent Tui’s uninvolved father Matt who has earned quite an unholy reputation in the region. In the end, as Robin gets gradually obsessed with solving the obscure case, her investigation will shortly lead her to a recovery camp led by the enigmatic sexagenarian silver-haired guru GJ, and a side of herself, that up until now, was meticulously kept at bay.

Tony's Review

BBC broadcasting a TV show filmed and shot in New Zealand sounded off to me at first, but you quickly realise that's one of the best things about Top of the Lake. For any West Wing fans, Elisabeth Moss (main character Robin Griffin) will immediately appeal, but it's Scotland's Peter Mullan that really makes this. He stars as the pretty mental Matt Mitcham - following up on playing an equally mental character in Ozark - and is brilliant throughout. Matt's 12-year-old daughter Tui Mitcham getting pregnant starts the series, but it quickly develops into her disappearance and the hunt to find her in the beautiful but harsh New Zealand landscape. For any crime fans, this is gripping from start to finish and, given there are only six episodes, it's packed full of action worth paying attention to. The first season is available on Netflix and is well worth the watch.

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