The continuing saga of Hannibal Lecter, the murdering cannibal. He is presently in Italy and works as a curator at a museum. Clarice Starling, the FBI agent whom he aided to apprehend a serial killer, was placed in charge of an operation but when one of her men botches it, she’s called to the mat by the Bureau. One high ranking official, Paul Krendler has it in for her. But she gets a reprieve because Mason Verger, one of Lecter’s victims who is looking to get back at Lecter for what Lecter did to him, wants to use Starling to lure him out. When Lecter sends her a note she learns that he’s in Italy so she asks the police to keep an eye out for him. But a corrupt policeman who wants to get the reward that Verger placed on him, tells Verger where he is. But they fail to get him. Later Verger decides to frame Starling which makes Lecter return to the States. And the race to get Lecter begins.

Tony's Review

Following on from where Silence of the Lambs left us, Hannibal brings lots of action, killing and psychotic behaviour from Dr Lecter. Struggling to decide which one is better, however, is still the point at issue. This film was different in terms of it has more ruthlessness from Dr Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) and the focus is on him as the main villain. Despite this, it still flirts with the ongoing prospect of romantic feelings towards Clarice Starling, the F.B.I agent who once assessed Dr Lecter before his escape. More murders are witnessed in a more brutal manner in this gripping continuation of the Hannibal Lecter series which has an extraordinary storyline. Another classic performance from Hopkins in this role he has made his own.

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